Vol 3, No 3 (2016)

Social Sciences and Economics

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Social Sciences and Economics

Reconstruction of the Islamic Educational Development in Indonesia in Dealing with ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) PDF
M. Ihsan Dacholfany, Khoirurrijal Khoirurrijal 89-93
Asylum Seeker Protection under International Human Right Declarations: Case Study Malaysia and Australia PDF
Rizka Nurliyantika 94-103
The Assessment of Renewable Energy Prospect over Riau, Indonesia PDF
Broto Wiguna, Wahyu Sasongko Putro, Ahmad Saleh Nasution 104-107
Examining the Effect of Customer Satisfaction towards Repurchase Intention: A Study of Hotel Sector in Selangor, Malaysia PDF
Faranaz Fatini Zaharan, Nurhanan Syafiah Abdul Razak 108-112
An appraisal of the financial reporting practices of Islamic banks: the case of Murabahah contract PDF
Hasmiene Diocolano Ibrahim, Ding Xiao Ling 113-118
Character education as an effort to increase the benefits of human resources PDF
Karwono Karwono 119-122
Analysis of the Empathy Attitude of Guidance and Counseling Students (FKIP) in the Riau University PDF
Rosmawati Rosmawati 123-129
Cost Efficiency of Indonesia’s Banking Industry: A Comparison between Community Development Banks, Government Banks and Private Banks PDF
Azwirman Azwirman, Hamdi Agustin, Desy Mardianty 130-134
Planning Study of Local Economic Development Potential in East Lampung Regency PDF
Bambang Suhada 135-138
Investigating Service Quality on Repurchase Intention: A Study of Low-Cost Airline Carriers in Malaysia PDF
Muhammad Aizat Rosli, Nurhanan Syafiah Abdul Razak, Muhammad Amirul Syafiq Amran, Muhammad Saifuddin Zulkifle, Mohamad Ismail Suhaimi, Muhammad Naqib Nasir 139-142
Encouraging Access to Justice for Indonesian Migrant Workers in Malaysia: The Need of Engaging Legal Aid Organizations in ASEAN PDF
Ridwan Wahyudi, Hamzah Jusoh 143-151

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