Asylum Seeker Protection under International Human Right Declarations: Case Study Malaysia and Australia

Rizka Nurliyantika


Most of the asylum seeker is the impact of armed conflict on the rise. While the setting status seekers were not enforced by the 1951 Convention relating participants to the Status of Refugees. Despite the fact that not a few conventions, declarations, resolutions are made on granting protection to asylum seekers. This is due to different points of view regarding the rights and obligations as well as the authority to maintain national security and public order of each state. Not only the problems in the receiving country but the searchers also rarely carry identity documents that can support the status and facilitate their continued life in the recipient country. The materials were obtained and analysed by describing the object of the study were analysed, namely the role of the implementation of the asylum seekers protection in Malaysia and Australia. Then the conclusion will be given to the material that has been analysed is or is based on the results of the discussion that has been done.


Asylum seeker; Refugee; Migration

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