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In 2014, the Journal of Multidisciplinary Academic (JoMA) was established. Many of the Society's early members were not practising scientists, but once the dues were raised from $0 to $2 in 2015, the social hobbyists began to drop out, and the Society shifted towards a membership consisting up mostly of professionals in the area as Multidisciplinary academics. The Society's position as a scientific and professional body supporting the Multidisciplinary sciences, which was established so effectively in the Society's early decades, has remained to the present. The JoMA presently publishes eleven prestigious scientific publications and one abstract journal in print and online. The author must obey the written guidelines established by the publisher; in the event of discrepancy in writing, the editor has the right to return the writings to the author or refuse to be assessed by the publisher's panellist panel. Kemala Indonesia publishers shall be right to delete / remove the author's name from the publication in the case of a multiple publication or has been issued to another issuer. The authors who are teemantum on the article will bear the litigation from the party that raised the objection to the published paper. The Kemala Indonesia publishers will publicly offer a legal dispute letter on the publication. Authors must explain quotes, quotes, and reference sources sensibly and clearly in writing operations. In addition to supporting the ethics of research in the development of beneficial information for many nations. Quotation explanations can be written in the publisher's established list of references. Pronunciation codes can be generated using software such as ENDNOTE. For further information about jurnal submission, membership, or general enquiries, please contact

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