A Model of Green Value Stream Mapping for Rubber Based Automotive Products

Dewi Auditiya Marizka, Taufik Djatna, Yandra Arkeman


Productivity and quality problems of pre-processed rubber with ignorance of environmental consideration are the main obstacles in the development of the rubber based agro-industry. In order to solve such problems, main objectives of this research are to obtain productivity improvement formulation of pre-processed rubber and model its green productivity. Green Productivity Index of bokar processing was calculated using (1) Environmental impact was calculated using formula (2) Green Productivity improvement model was designed in ensuring products quality to customer while at the same time decrease environmental impact. The model deployed synthesizing tools, i.e. Green Value Stream Mapping (GVSM), the Green Productivity Index (GPI) and Multi Attribute Utility Theory (MAUT). The model enabled to minimize environmental impact while keeping the indicator of economic growth. An improvement initiative based on plantation management was combined with the green productivity approach to form the best improvement scenario. The production process analysed and mapped each stream process using GVSM and induced GPI calculation. GVSM resulted to seven green waste generators. MAUT weighted the final total priority of improvement alternative to formulate productivity improvement. Based on overall analysis showed the best scenario of a Final Total Priority Value (FTPV) with weight of 0.612 where University and Research Institution role maximized than Government weight with FTPV of 0.609.


GVSM; GPI; MAUT; Pre-processed Rubber; seven green waste generators

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