Analysis of Impact Air Pollution in Urban Environmental over Bogor, Indonesia

Bambang Presetio, Wahyu Sasongko Putro


Air pollution is very dangerous for human activity especially in the Bogor, Indonesia. The status of air pollution index in this state is dangerous over several years ago. In Indonesia, an environmental impact assessment is contained in law no. 23 of 1997 on Environmental Management and Implementation set out in Government Act no 27 of 1999. The environmental impact assessment was defined as a tool to ensure sustainable development through the effects main activities. The government policy in Bogor, Indonesia was controlled air pollution based on regulation law No. 4 (2007) and No. 9 (2012). This act described environmental and waste management, respectively. Thus, this study aimed to analyse urban environment health over Bogor Area using quantitative methods. Results showed the increasing index of air pollution over Bogor, Indonesia were impact on human health, air quality and noise pollution. There is legislation in Bogor downtown use to study positive and negative effects in the planned projects, the government in determining whether a project is feasible or not feasible. The study prepared by considering the physical, chemical, biological, socio- economic, socio- cultural, and public health condition, respectively.


Air pollution; Bogor; Policies; Urban Environmental Healthy

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