Adam Malik Early Political Involvement in Indonesia (1934-1977)

Ridayani Simanjuntak, Mohd Samsudin


This paper discusses about Adam Malik early political involvement in Indonesia. Adam Malik was a prominent political and diplomatic influence in the Cabinet of President Sukarno to Soeharto. Ideology was always applied by Adam Malik is Pancasila ideology, an ideology which is owned by Indonesia itself. The methodology in this study to describe and explain the phenomena, data or events that are being studied to find the answer qualitatively using the method of document analysis study. The purpose of this paper is to analyse the early political involvement played by Adam Malik that have great influence in politics, especially the politics of progress outside Indonesia. The results of this study found that early involvement of political Adam Malik started realizing that he was 17 years old, he joined the Scouting Hisbul Wathan who later founded the Partai Indonesia (Partindo) until he was appointed as Foreign Minister of Indonesia for 11 years. Adam Malik political travel very long to make him very mature in dealing with any event that happens in politics in Indonesia and outside Indonesia. Adam Malik used the free and active politics is known to have been built since the Indonesian stand. Free and active politics is not a new policy. The conception of an independent foreign policy and active as a guarantee of ethical and social relations with other countries that have been stored in the minds of the leaders of the past. Thus, the free and active politics that has developed from the former passed by the Adam Malik.


Adam Malik; involvement; politic; old order; new order

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