Child Abuse Cases Handled by Primary School Counsellor

Nurazmah Mohamed Sharuddin, Ku Suhaila Ku Johari


Children abuse cases have been arising from one year to another, and this is just adding to the nation’s attention. All sides are responsible to find ways to this matter. There are many types of abuse that concern children at primary school such as physical, sexual and emotional abuse. Responsible sides such as charities, women rights authority and society’s authority need to provide full access to help these victims in terms of counselling services in which they play the role to help these victims professionally to endure the trauma that has been kept because of the abuse incident. This research is to look into types of abuse cases that had been handled by the school counsellors at primary school. It also analyses any intervention used by the school counsellors to help the victims. Moreover, it aims to explore the existing obstacles that had to be faced while accessing to the matters of healing these abused children. This research is conducted using qualitative methodology as in interviews through phenomenology approach to see the issues around the children abuse cases handled by school counsellors at primary school in depth. Data provided will be compiled and analysed, themes will then be listed out to see clearer the pattern of children abuse cases handled at primary school setting.


children abuse cases; intervention; obstacles; school counsellors at primary school

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